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Theme 4

Socio-emotional development across cultures

Theme leader: Monique Pfaltz
Picture theme Emotion Regulation- Moniqu

Childhood maltreatment (abuse and neglect) has long-term effects on mental and physical health. It also negatively impacts social functioning, which, in turn, is closely linked to health and well-being. Projects under this topic will mainly use experimental methods to assess cognitive, behavioral, physiological and emotional aspects of social functioning and interpersonal interactions. The aim of these projects is to identify factors that underlie healthy (e.g. satisfying close relationships) and impaired social functioning (e.g. difficulties with setting boundaries, regulating closeness and distance, or processing and interpreting non-verbal interpersonal signals like facial expressions) in those affected by childhood maltreatment. Findings shall provide a basis for the development of interventions improving social functioning and thus health and well-being.


1. CROSS-ER: Cross cultural Emotion Recognition in traumatized individuals across the life span. Read more here.

2. CM SEC: Child Maltreatment: identifying Socio-Emotional Consequences . Read more here.

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